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martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

Aeródromos de la IIGM: Imaizaki

Aeródromo Imaizaki (Base naval Kataoka)

Situado en la isla Shumshu, Islas Kuriles. Esta base tiene dos pistas de 5.000 'x 250' y 4.000 'x 250'. La base tuvo un gran 130 'x 165' hangar con 13 refugios cubiertos y 34 descubiertos, tres 60 'tanksand de almacenamiento de petróleo cuarteles y edificios de suministro. La base también había un centro de hidroaviones en el puerto, lo que permite a los hidroaviones H6K2 Mavis operar en la base. Fue la sede de la flota 5.

IJN unidades basadas en Kataoka:
Hokuto Kokutai (553rd Kokutai) - B5N Kate & B6N Hill
203rd Kokutai (A6M, J1N1) det. Hokkaido April 25, 44 - Aug 11, 45
Shumshu Det (19 A6M of 203rd Ku) Aug 11 - Oct 23, 45 to Japan
JAAF unidades basadas en Kataoka
54th Air Regiment (4 x Ki-43, K-44)

 Restos de un B5N2 Kate 5353 (2003)

Misiones estadounidenses contra Katoaka (versión en inglés)
July 10, 1943
The Eleventh Air Force attacks the Japanese Home Islands for the first time as 8 B-25's raid Paramushiru Island in the Kurile Islands, scoring hits on the S part of Shimushu Island.

July 18, 1943
6 B-24's bomb shipping targets between Paramushiru Island and Shimushu Island

August 11, 1943
B-24's from Attu Island drop bombs and incendiaries on Shimushu Island where the Kataoka naval base and staging area are hit. 40 enemy aircraft challenge the attackers, which score 4 confirmed kills, 1 probable, and 4 possibles.

September 11, 1943
B-25s and B-24's hit 2 buildings and an AA battery on Shimushu. Of 40 fighters giving battle, 13 are shot down and 3 more are probables. 2 B-24's force-land in the USSR, one with mechanical defect, the other after being hit; 1 B-24 is downed by AA fire; losses are 7 B-25's and 2 B-24's in this most disastrous day for the Eleventh Air Force.

February 5, 1944
B-24s and 16 P-38s join USN after strikes photograph and attack installations at Paramushiru and Shimushu.

May 19, 1944
A B-24 flies armed reconnaissance over Shimushu

May 24, 1944
2 bombers fly weather and photo reconnaissance over Shimushu Island

May 26, 1944
2 B-24s off on an armed photo mission over Shimushu Island turn back due to mechanical troubles.

May 29, 1944
At dawn 2 B-25s photograph and bomb Shimushu.

July 1, 1944
4 B-24s radar bomb southern Shimushu.

July 29, 1944
3 B-24s fly bombing and reconnaissance runs over Shimushu Island

August 10, 1944
4 B-25s on a shipping sweep spot 2 patrol boats 75 miles ESE of Shimushu Island, Kurile Islands; one is sunk, the other is damaged.

August 12, 1944
4 B-24s and 2 F-7As over Paramushiru and Shimushu Islands hit targets which include shipping in Higashi Banjo Strait and buildings and runway on Suribachi; enemy fighters give battle; the B-24s score 3 kills and 13 probables and damaged; 6 more B-25s fly an uneventful shipping sweep and take photos over Shimushiru Island.

 Restos de un A6M2 Zero 03-08 (2003)

September 11, 1944
4 B-25s on a shipping search sink a small craft off Shimushu

September 12, 1944
6 bombers fly a negative shipping sweep over Shimushu

September 16, 1944
3 B-24s bomb Kataoka naval base on Shimushu

October 4, 1944
4 B-25s bomb a freighter and a barge off Shimushu ; 15-17 fighters intercept and the B-25s score 1 victory.

November 5, 1944
4 B-25s fly armed reconnaissance over Shimushu Island. 3 more B-24s bomb Katalka naval base on Shimushu Island, starting fires; 7 fighters intercept and the B-24s down 1.

December 20, 1944
B-24 fly armed photo mission over Katoaka, Shimushu Island.

December 29, 1944
A B-24 bombs Katoaka on Shimushu Island in the Kurile Islands.

January 19, 1945
1 B-24 flies a radar ferret mission over Shimushu

January 20, 1945
4 B-24s bomb the Kataoka area on Shimushu

February 7, 1945
(11th AF) 6 B-24s off to Kataoka, Shimushu abort the mission when all aircraft accidentally drop bombs prior to the bombing run. 4 B-25s weather abort.

February 5, 1945
(11th AF) 5 B-24s bomb Kataoka on Shimushu in the Kurile through solid overcast; a shipping sweep by B-25s is cancelled due to weather.

February 19, 1945
6 B-24s fly photo reconnaissance over Shimushu

March 7, 1945
8 B-24s after departing on a shipping sweep and a strike on Kataoka, Shimushu

March 10, 1945
(11th AF) 5 B-24s radar-bomb targets at Kataoka on Shimushu

March 26, 1945
(11th AF) 4 B-24s bomb the Kataoka naval base on Shimushu

March 29, 1945
6 B-24s bomb Kataoka naval base on Shimushu

March 7, 1945

8 B-24s after departing on a shipping sweep and a strike on Kataoka, Shimushu

March 29, 1945
6 B-24s bomb Kataoka naval base on Shimushu

April 10, 1945
(11th AF & USN) 7 B-24s and USN aircraft napalm-bomb Kataoka naval base on himushu

April 16, 1945
6 B-24s radarbomb the Kataoka naval base on Shimushu Island

April 27, 1945
On Shimushu Island, 6 B-24s drop fragmentation bombs on the Kataoka naval base

April 29, 1945
6 B-24s radar-bomb Kataoka naval base on Shimushu.

May 9, 1945
Radar discloses considerable shipping between Paramushiru and Shimushu Islands; thus, 12 B-24s take off and radar-bomb through overcast; another B-24 flies a radar- ferreting sortie over Paramushiru and Shimushu.

May 10, 1945
12 B-24s bomb shipping targets in the Kataoka naval base on Shimushu Island

May 15, 1945
B-24s bomb the Shimushu Island area

May 18, 1945
8 B-24s bomb naval, harbor, and airfield targets at Kataoka on Shimushu Island

May 19, 1945
8 B-25s try to bomb Minami Cape radar installation and cannery on the Naka River on Shimushu Island; only one gets near the targets and bombs and strafes the area, while intense AA fire and enemy fighters drive off the rest and down 1 B-25; another B-25 is missing and a third reaches Petropavlovsk, USSR.

May 23, 1945
7 B-24s radar-bomb the Kataoka naval base area on Shimushu Island while another flies a radar-ferret mission in the same area.

May 29, 1945
4 B-25s weather abort a shipping sweep along the E coasts of Paramushiru and Shimushu Islands.

June 3, 1945
On Shimushu Island, 1 B-24 flying a radar ferret mission to Kataoka is followed by 8 others, radar- bombing and photographing scattered targets in the naval base area; 7 B-25s take off for an attack but 4 are turned back by weather and the others low- level bomb a Masugawa River Cannery.

June 4, 1945
11 B-24s, however, get through and radar-bomb Kataoka naval base on Shimushu

June 11, 1945
8 B-24s on a shipping sweep over the Kurile Islands do not find targets because of overcast and instead radar-bomb installations in the Kataoka area of Shimushu Island.

June 16, 1945
4 B-24s bomb and strafe shipping off Suribachi Bay, Paramushiru Island and a radar site on Minami Cape, Shimushu Island; one of the B-24s crashes into the water.

June 17, 1945
4 B-25s bomb shipping near Kataoka, Shimushu Island; one ship (KONGO MARU) is observed exploding, another burns after a strafing run. 4 other B-25s fly a shipping sweep from Shimushu to Kurabu Cape, Paramushiru Island; a number of vessels are sighted but cannot be attacked because of land-based AA.

June 18, 1945
6 B-24s join US Navy aircraft in attacking Kataoka, Shimushu Island

June 19, 1945
In a coordinated shipping search, a B-24 flies the theater's longest mission, a 2,700-mile (4,345 km) roundtrip lasting 15.5 hours and flying as far as Uruppu Island, Japan; turning N the B-24 bombs a small convoy 25 miles (40 km) SW of Shimushu Bay, Shimushu Island, Kurile Islands, sinks a vessel, heavily damages another, and sets 2 more afire.

June 23, 1945
6 more B-24s bomb Kataoka on Shimushu Island

July 4, 1945
To celebrate the 4th of July, 8 B-24s radar-bomb the Kataoka naval base on Shimushu Island with napalm.

July 10, 1945
4 B-24s fly a search down the W coasts of Paramushiru and Shimushu and then radar-bomb Minami Zaki on Shimushu Island.

July 11, 1945
5 B-24s radar-bomb Kataoka on Shimushu and 4 B-25s fly a shipping sweep and bomb a Otomae Wan fishery, scoring hits among the buildings.

July 26, 1945
7 B-24s successfully hit the Kataoka Naval Base on Shimushu Island with incendiaries, leaving smoke columns 5,000 ft (1,524 m) high in their wake; there is no airborne opposition and AA fire is moderate and inaccurate.

August 2, 1945
On Shimushu, 5 B-24s bomb Kataoka Naval Base and 1 radar-bombs Kokutan Zaki and returns to base (600 miles or 966 km) on 3 engines.

August 7, 1945
5 B-24s bomb Kataoka Airfield on Shimushu Island; AA fire damages 2 B-24s.

August 12, 1945
4 B-24s make a combined visual and radar bomb run over Kataoka on Shimushu Island

August 21, 1945
4 others abort a photo mission to Paramushiru and Shimushu Islands due to weather

August 23, 1945
4 B-24s fly a photo mission over Paramushiru and Shimushu Islands


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